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Read what our clients have to say about their experience with The Ellis Group.

Prentiss Lott

Hiland Dairy | Memphis TN

I went into this class willing and ready to learn, but at the same time thinking it was going to bore and give information that is obsolete or even nonessential to the growth of myself or the company. Boy was I in for a treat! This is the most informative and most creative class I've been to as far as getting a person ready for leadership on the job and in one's personal life! I would recommend this man, Mr. Ellis to every company suffering from lack of leadership... and also to the companies not knowing what they're suffering from. Because it may boil down to your leaders!

Jamell Moore

Seattle, WA

Powerful session that was more than thought provoking; it was mind shifting! Everything shared was relevant to our spiritual & natural journey! 

Lauren Moore 

True Vine | Seattle, WA

This is was my first leadership training & it was more than I expected. 

DraVonne Jones 

Real Estate Broker 

I was so encouraged in the session! I felt propelled to THINK bigger and more intentionally. I love learning about how to pair practical life principles with the word of God. I DID NOT want the session to end! 

Yalonda Smith 

TV Women

I believe everything Wa spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the teaching and was blessed to be able to receive all of the information that was given. I’m ready to work! 

Marilyn Wynn 

True Vine | Seattle, WA

Just keep doing what you are doing because you are a great inspiration and motivator



I was provoked and empowered to move passed where I am.